BBC Micro:bit course

Make the most of your free BBC computers and find out what they can do…

A short high impact course for teachers

bbc-microbitThe Micro:bit is designed to encourage children to get actively involved in writing software for computers and building new things, rather than being consumers of media. A million devices have been given to every year 7 pupil in the UK.  This course demystifies the tech and explains how to make the most of your devices.

  • Don’t let your free BBC Micro:bits end up in dusty cupboards
  • Fun, hands on training for staff
  • We will show you how to write programs and ensure that you are familiar with the hardware
Ideal for
Head of Computing ICT/Computing teachers – Secondary or Primary Phase

A fantastic way to make best use of this importance device. 

  • All you need to know about the hardware and how to program it
  • You will learn how to write programs using the block editor, touch develop and python
  • How to connect to other devices using the Inventors Kit
  • No coding or technical experience needed – this course is suitable for everyone
“Good to discuss with other teachers.” Chris Howard, Abbey Park Middle School “I found the hands on coding really useful and I am looking forward to teaching some of this to our current year 7’s.” Richard Martin, Abbey Park Middle School “The course is a very useful introduction to the hardware and coding activities that can be carried out with the BBC micro:bit. It gives you the opportunity to try some hands on activities with the micro:bit.” Cheryl Jarvis, Catshill Middle School “Good short introduction – great overview of functionality and applications available. Brett is very engaging and maintains a good pace throughout.” Carolyn Aynsworth, Malvern St James Girls’ School

High impact courses for teachers covering a range of themes including school improvement and higher level thinking, technology and computing, safeguarding and online safety.

  • Cost effective – just £49 per delegate (£29 for additional delegates from same school)
  • Minimum disruption – High Impact courses run from 1pm to 3pm
  • Conveniently located course venues with refreshments included
  • Delivered by experienced learning practitioners and professionals with years of educational experience

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