SATs SUCCESS – 4th April

Jack Cherry’s Remarkable Recipe for SATs Success

A two hour course for teachers including a valuable resource, to stop worry, nerves and stress harming pupils’ performance in Year 6 and the SATs, delivered by Simon Benn from Jack Cherry.

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Tuesday 4th April
9.30am – 11.30am or 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Hales Valley Teaching School, Halesowen

Jack Cherry’s Remarkable Recipe for SATs Success embeds mindfulness in the English curriculum so you can make pupils more relaxed and confident WHILST you improve their literacy skills.

They’re intuitive, easy-to-use and come with full guidance, lesson plans and answers so you can introduce them with minimal preparation.

They’re colourful comics, fun videos and other resources that pupils love learning from so you’ll have your class in the best state of mind to soak up the English learning that’s within all the lessons.

9 out of 10 teachers say that their pupils are stressed out about SATs. (NUT)
No-one wants to see children upset about these high stakes assessment, that’s not why we went into education.
And we all know that stressed pupils don’t perform to the best of their abilities
So headteachers and teachers remain determined to do their very best:
– shielding pupils from stress so they can realise their potential
–  equipping them with the skills and mindset for success

– so you can get the best results for your school.

Course Outline

  • Background – how the resource has been developed, tested and proven along with underpinning rationale.
  • Resource components – what they are and how they fit together.
  • Delivery – how to deliver the resource tailored to your pupils’ needs.
  • Q&A – your queries and our answers.

Resource content

A literacy/mindfulness resource that:

  • enhances high level comprehension skills
  • increases pupils’ ability to choose appropriate vocabulary
  • develops pupils’ ability to infer and deduce from texts
  • improves their reasoning and ability to justify their opinions
  • reinforces their growth mindset for constant improvement of literacy skills

What's in the resource?
  • 8 pages of 73 tips for SATs success
  • Activity Video (DVD and online version)
  • 30 Activity Posters (printed)
  • 3 Lesson Plans
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Comic
  • Audio Comic
  • Guided Reading Plan
  • SATs Reading Paper
  • 3 Worksheets
  • 3 Homework Sheets

How does the resource improve SATs results?

What do teachers say?

“Great tool to stop pupils fretting. SATs are about the school, not the individual” Mrs Jones, Year 6 Teacher, All Saints Primary

“Really useful addition to our SATs preparation.” Mrs Connor, Head of Literacy and Year 6, All Saints Junior School

What do pupils say?

“I can now be confident and brave in SATs and in tests.” Elena, 11

“I can put positive thoughts in my head and do well in my SATS.”Leah, 11

“I can be confident, I can stop nasty thoughts and be happy about tests.” Oliver, 10

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