Waterways World Site of the Month February 2003

Travelling the Inland Waterways

Pictures and Highlights

The following pages are a personal record of our travels on Narrowboat "Bluebell" from 1996 to 2001 and other boats since then. As we have travelled we have taken the odd photograph and noted points of interest. Where only part of the waterway has been travelled, this is made clear in the heading. We have included the date the waterway was last travelled, but note that this may only refer to part of the canal. In other words, some of the text may refer to a much earlier date. Please be aware that our findings are very personal and that the march of time may have made them out of date!

Brett Laniosh

Each waterways leaves its own impression. We've included some key phrases for each. Perhaps you recognise some of them? Funnily enough quite a high proportion of recommendations are real ale pubs! 

The Worcester Birmingham and Droitwich Canals Society web site


Select a waterway

  1. Aire & Calder
  2. Ashton / Rochdale
  3. Avon
  4. BCN / Stourbridge / Dudley
  5. Birmingham & Fazeley
  6. Bridgewater
  7. Caldon
  8. Coventry
  9. Droitwich
  10. Gloucester & Sharpness
  11. Grand Union
  12. Kennet & Avon
  13. Llangollen
  14. Leeds & Liverpool
  15. Macclesfield
  16. Middlewich branch
  17. Montgomery
  18. New Junction / Stainforth & Keadby
  19. Oxford
  20. Peak Forest
  21. Severn
  22. Shropshire Union
  23. Staffordshire & Worcestershire
  24. Stratford upon Avon
  25. Thames
  26. Trent
  27. Trent & Mersey
  28. Worcester & Birmingham